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Faction App Store

✨ We are excited to release the first iteration of the Faction App Store! ✨

The App Store is where developers can build custom integrations with Faction. These can be anything from sending vulnerabilities to external bug trackers to adding custom graphics to your automated pentest reports!

Faction Boilerplates

If you have been doing penetration testing for any length of time you probably have a personal database of vulnerability descriptions, recommendations as well as other text snippets you will inject into various places of your reports. What if, Instead of keeping these in separate files on various computers, they were all included in your reporting software?!@! 🤯

Faction IS your database for global boilerplate, default vulnerability templates, personal flare, and just about anything else you can imagine (well...sorta 🤔). Let's walk through how this is done.

Hello World

Hey! Just starting the FACTION blog. Stay tuned here for new updates, tips, and tricks on getting the most out of FACTION. 🎉

FACTION 1.2 will be released this month (March'24) with loads of new features. The most notable features are the inclusion of the Faction App Store which will make it simple for developers to write extensions and integrations.